Price / Package Changes

cPanel Changes Licensing

Changes to our Hosting Package Costs and Offerings…

It’s hard to believe that over the last seven years we have never had a price increase with our hosting packages. Oddly enough we could wanted to maintain that going into the next several years, to be honest. That’s sad we have incurred Price increases on our end they give us no choice, however, we I’ve come up with some Great changes that will actually benefit our clients even more.

First some background information: cPanel is the company that offers licensing for most of the worlds hosting panel interfaces. In June 2019 cPanel announced huge changes to their packages. These changes affected all hosting companies that use cPanel (which is a vast majority) to the tune of almost 100% increases if not more. They have changed from a yearly subscription model to a monthly subscription model. As an example, I hosting company with 1400 accounts using cPanel licenses used to be able to pay $200 per year for their licensing and now have to pay $3660 for the same licensing. This amounts to a 1730% price increase.

Rather than directly affecting our clients with a straight increase we have looked into alternative hosting and better services to assist our clients. As a result we are able to offer clients that use hosting and the email that comes with their hosting (rather than using office 365 or Suite dedicated email services) a modest increase to $175 per year. Client to use other dedicated email services instead can be upgraded to our new hosting Plus maintenance package that will save them a minimum of $250 per year for hosting plus maintenance under our current programs. This is taken some careful and creative reworking of our systems but in the end our clients, you, win. 🙂

We are including a link to an article about the cPanel increase. Don’t just take it from us, it’s news/Big news all across the hosting industry. We expect to see it changes in the industry as a result that’s for sure.

Please reach out if you have any questions or would like to know more about how we’ve managed to make this work for our clients.

* As clients bandwidth increases we monitor and can increase the bandwidth allowance for each individual account as needed. Spoofed emails or unusual website traffic can be assisted this way – without extra costs.

** When using the / The Image Stop ltd. registrar and keeping the contact information connected to our account, we will ensure your domain is renewed yearly at no additional cost to you. Please read our Hosting Agreement Terms and Conditions for details. [Here]