About Penguin Hosting

the PENGUIN story

The Penguin Hosting corporate focus is simple. Customers FIRST. Many companies throw around claims and ideas around focusing on customers but so very few actually perform within their businesses and show this focus in action. PENGUIN is different.

NO…. we are not the cheapest hosting company. NO…. we are not expensive either. NO…. we do not try to make a fortune off a few clients. NO…. we do not try to upsell you just to make more money.

YES …. we serve our clients as no other company can!

Penguin Hosting offers a unique service and billing system that has been developed by working toward helping its clients with the best hosting options around. We make having a website easy. We make registering a domain easy. Most of all… we make renewing both the easiest around.

Want to host and register with Penguin? Please contact us through our Support ticket system or Contact form. Then, expect a real person to be getting back to you. We get to know our clients before starting a business relationship…. that’s the first step in service.  🙂

Local business focus – a Canadian company – amazing service.

Many companies will claim to do the same but… they are not PenguinHosting.

  • Client Focus 100% 100%
  • Client Satisfaction 93% 93%
  • Like Other Hosting Services 15% 15%


The Idea…. Hosting Reselling?

Our roots are in great web design. As a result, we saw that hosting packages are not one-size-fits-all. We made the decision to become a reseller with several different great hosting companies in order to offer the same great hosting with even better service. Not to mention – we by bulk space and resell to our clients for less than they would pay on their own!


Our System Begins…

Our concept of  the “once a year billing” for both hosting AND domain registration begins. Clients forgetting to renew one or the other and the resulting site down-time results in a new idea that allows them to forget and still maintain their consistent presence and not lose business.


Our FIRST client reacts…

After losing the operation of their site two years in a row, this client enjoys the seamless renewal of their site AND hosting service and is thrilled. No more worrying as they can now do their business and we do ours.


PenguinHosting Trial

The Penguin Hosting concept begins it’s test/trial period. April 1st becomes the billing date for ALL clients for both their hosting and domain registrations. Penguin administrative costs go down, client satisfaction goes up… everyone wins.


Penguin Site goes into development

Penguin Hosting starts to become it’s own reality and not just an add-on to our web design services. Our parent company begins the development of our site and refines our systems to begin working with other website developers and design companies. More clients become aware of what Penguin Hosting is all about and jump onboard. Launch time is coming and we’re already a success.


Penguin Hosting LAUNCH

PenguinHosting.ca launches! From concept to realization has been some time but worth every minute. Penguin is now live and ready to serve clients with it’s ‘Clients First’ mission. Not wanting to take on the world quite yet – Penguin Hosting remains focussed on a local market and maintaining excellence with its clients.


Next Phase – GO!

Penguin Hosting aligns itself with new partner companies and increases its quality of hosting and service offerings. Our goal… to be the NEW WAY in website hosting and fill the service gap currently existing in website hosting. Great hosting with great service without paying crazy amounts IS possible.


Wide Open

We have now added monthly hosting packages as well! … an NO price increases while those around us tend to be doing so. 🙂

In an arena of literally thousands of options, a hosting company needs to stand above the crowd in service alone. Cheap is NOT the focus of consumers. Flashy is NOT the desire. Quality service with our customers, THAT is what needs to be first. That’s us.

greg T

Penguin Hosting Founder