5 Website Essentials

5 Things EVERY Website Needs:

If you’ve been in business for many years you likely operate within and do many things in the midst of your expertise that you take for granted. The more we do something the more natural it becomes a part of what we do. I hesitate to use breathing as an example but, the truth is, we rarely think about it – it just happens. This is how our world has advanced and grown throughout the centuries. We get good at something new by repeating it over and over… eventually it becomes just something we do. At that point, we can add more to it until it too becomes ‘just something we do.” Each time we add more we have hopefully established the previous ‘thing’ as a natural element of our process.

As a web design company, we recently evaluated some of the key things that we just naturally do and have compiled them into a presentation called “5 Things EVERY Website Needs.” This presentation includes critical elements that a website should have and consider in order to be the most effective for the person, company or organization it represents. We invite you to have a look at our video of our presentation to use as a checklist on your website. Does it stack up – does it fall short – does it need a review? As always, I hope this helps you achieve your success.