I think I can speak for many website developers and Social Media content companies…. finally!! It has been officially announced that Google+ will be phased out – disconnected from it’s other products.

As you can tell, I have never been a fan myself. I found Google+ difficult to manage, hard to get around and felt forced to have it tied to so many other services that I guess I felt manipulated. I felt that I was being force-fed Google+ in order to have anything to do with the other products Google had to offer. So… I didn’t partake in as many as a result. To top it off, it never seemed to be THE place where any of my followers met or discussed things. It wasn’t the ‘go to’ hub for information …. it just wasn’t. I have actually been telling clients for years that it was not going to withstand the test of time and they would see it’s demise within 5 years. Guess what? Four years and done.

Do I think that Facebook is the promised land? Definitely not. It does, however, act as that ‘go to’ place that everyone uses.

Great article here all about the removal of Google+ <https://blogs.wsj.com/digits/2015/07/27/google-gives-up-on-google-as-a-facebook-rival/>