Email Problems? Maybe….

It’s a sad fact of the internet anymore… if you have a website you WILL have your email spoofed or appear to be used for other purposes. There can sometimes be little that can be done in many cases…. so education is the best defense in this case.

For this reason I’ve put together a couple links that may help explain a bit more about some of the things that … well… are just a fact of life on he internet nowadays. Not thrilled by it myself, but something we will need to get used to.

PS: I get over 1000 spam-type email each and every day. It has, unfortunately, become part of my daily administrative work for my job.

read on….

a) This is an older article (2012)but just as relevant, if not mores, today. Why am I getting email from someone with the wrong email address? (or why are others getting email from my domain… and it’s not me)

b) Another article from 2012. It kind of goes to show you that these problems have existed for quite awhile and are simply getting to be more common place. Minimize your exposure to email spoofing.