WordPress Theme and Plugin Vulnerability Warning!

Wordpress sites MAY have vulnerability issues that you should be aware of.

This is a general ‘awareness’ posting for all current and potential iS clients concerning a WordPress vulnerability. The vulnerability is caused by a common code pattern used in WordPress plugins and themes

There is not a simple way of knowing exactly which plugins or themes are affected, and the issue is widespread. The Image Stop ltd. is therefore advising all clients who are not currently subscribed to one of our maintenance programs to periodically check for updates to any WordPress themes or plugins you are using and apply those available as soon as possible. If unsure how to do so safely please contact us concerning managing this for you.

If you are subscribed to ANY of our maintenance packages you need not worry as this has been taken care of for you as part of your package.

iS is actively monitoring all it’s licensed plugins and themes as well as others we use to ensure that u[dates are applied as they are made available.

We expect themes and plugins to be continuously updated over the coming weeks, with the majority updated in the next few days.

If you are not part of an iS Maintenance Package, please check the Plugins and Themes pages in the WordPress Admin area or contact the source of the product for questions concerning your site security.

We strongly recommend continuing to check for updates, especially over the next few weeks, but also on an ongoing basis. It is important to always keep your WordPress installation and associated plugins and themes up to date. If you still have concerns, we suggest contacting us about our maintenance programs.

**IF your website has not been updated or changed within the last 8-10 months you may want to contact iS to ask us about a free maintenance audit to evaluate your website. **