Let’s talk about…..

image. That’s right  ‘image’.

As a company our tag line is, simply and honestly put – “image is everything.” We say it because we honestly believe it.

Look at the world around you for a moment or two. We are constantly bombarded by things that, whether consciously or sub-consciously, influence they way we view the world around us, the people around us, everything around us.

Image is not just visuals or advertisements. Many companies in the ad / webdesign / marketing game purport to know so much about great design. They tout their book knowledge of colour theory, how to appropriately block a magazine advertisement and coding abilities. They view their growth through the size of their bank accounts. While all these things, in and of themselves, most certainly point toward good business and are extremely valuable, I cannot help but wonder what they truly offer their clients.

The world around us is in constant change. The information age offers new abilities and new technology around every corner. Based on this alone I say that the knowledge of yesterday is outdated and the knowledge of today is getting older even as it is released.

We try to offer our clients something different. Something new. Something that changes with the times. We offer image building. Image is all about who your company is, how it operates, how it reaches it’s clients and how those clients experience it. Yes, it involves user experience. If you are unaware of the term it is often applied to webdesign. It is how satisfied a user is when visiting a site and the overall experience they have while there. It is how a user feels about the use of a system or service. (wikipedia)

Proper and positive user experience, to us, means constantly focusing on one’s image as a company. How is it that your company is appearing to it’s clients/users and are they happy with their interactions with you? Couple that with the importance of good branding and you will find that if you branding is done well, people will know who you are and how to find you. The more exposure your brand has, the more chances of making the sale….. AND the more chances that you can harm their image of you. It stands to reason. The more exposure the greater odds of someone noticing a flaw and exposing it.

So, to sum up what I’m really trying to say is simply this. As companies we need to always be aware of how we are dealing with others, how we look, how users/clients feel when using our services and how that ‘image’ is projected in our design, sites, and marketing materials.

That’s what we offer….. because we get it and believe that…… image is everything.