Full Time – Entrepreneur or just Good Business?

So here we go! Full Time running my own business!

I’d be lying if I didn’t say it was a bit scary. Suddenly, after many years of just going to the office and working for someone else, taking home a steady and reliable paycheck….. it’s gone. I no longer have that steady ‘for sure’ income I have always relied on….. that I have always sat with comfortably that is. It’s a two edged sword really. The comfort in knowing the cheque is always there is definitely a nice thing, however, the ceiling on the amount that cheque will ever amount to is certainly not great. Lets explore a bit….

The one thing I am not the least bit upset about is being limited in growth and excelling in my own abilities and strengths. Let’s be real here. We all know of or have worked for that certain someone who is belittling, controlling and has no respect nor understanding for what we’re really capable of or, for that matter, what our job actually entails. They consider what we do to be easy… even referring to themselves as experts when everyone knows they have zero credentials to prove this. (by credentials I mean not only diplomas but concrete life experiences as well) Worst in this scenario is the demeaning way of managing their people. No one likes them. Everyone wonders how they have managed to get anywhere in their business life with the way they treat people and everyone working for them simple put cannot stand them. They all wish they were gone…. Yup – been there.

For me it’s gone now. I have been waking up the past while with a smile on my face. K – truth be told – the smile doesn’t hit until after the coffee…. not really a morning person. At least not a 6am morning person.  🙂 But, I am getting up at 6am each day, beginning work at 7:30 and working through to 4:30 just as I did when working at someone else’s office. The difference now is that it’s my office. That and I am getting my work done and setting my own time frames for meetings. I’ve been getting it done very well actually. It’s really nice to see how, in a short time frame, things can flourish and prove to others, and more so to myself, that I’m VERY good at what I do.

So – as a now full time expert in my field of marketing, entertaining, graphic and web design (and the related fields) I’m loving this. 🙂

My recommendation to others thinking about taking the step. Go for it. Set yourself up to succeed and just do it.

I’ll be writing many more on this subject I imagine. After all – excel at what you’re good at and love. That’s how true success is achieved.