Google makes BIG mistake

Fascinating to observe from the outside as companies find their niche, grow into huge companies that everyone looks to for guidance and leadership, then, they get way too big on themselves and stop listening to their clients. So, they become irrelevant as another company, more in tune with the customer, moves in with better service.

Yes. I am talking about Google. They have made some moves lately that, I predict, will begin the demise of the company. Sure, that’s a bold statement but look at what they’ve been doing. In order to make more money they enter the cellular phone market with android. The lawsuits with apple aside, by diversifying they immediately ran the risk of diluting their attention to their core. The company grows bigger, and they start to think that they know better than their customers, what is needed and wanted.

Recently the Google search has changed and there is quite a bit of dissatisfaction among users. Many are switching to Bing as a result.

My question is that if the customers are upset, why is the company not doing anything? Not only that but after several days on their own blog, they have remained silent as customers complain over and over about the step back they have taken with their user interface.

Not sure what I mean? Try search for an image on Google and refine the search to being large images only. Yeah, the left bar is gone. Now you have to go to another page, input your settings and search again. Bad user interface and experience. Many are unhappy around the globe and Google says nothing. Only support I read stated that they will not return the left bar as they did the studies.

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My thoughts? Welcome to Bing everyone. Say goodbye to Google, it’s been fun.

UPDATE: Google listened and changed back … modifying the interface but back none-the-less. They listened…