Watch the trends – they’re NOT going away….

I’m going to make this entry short but sweet. Those who know me know that this is not likely. 🙂

I am rather tired of hearing about this ‘social media fad’. The connotation around the word ‘fad’ alone drives me crazy. It’s used by people who either do not understand and are simply passing social media off in order to appear less ignorant about it’s uses or by those who are so stuck in their old ways of marketing that they also have zero clue about how social media is beneficial. Those who focus solely on the linear – investment to results – angle miss entirely the point of social media and how it benefits a company. Oh, don’t worry, your company will survive…. but if others in your industry embrace the new trends before you…. or worse, master them, then you can survive while they flourish. Your choice.

I found this article today and had to share it. (Pay with your Phone) This has been something that has been growing and becoming more likely in the past few years and now Tim Horton’s is using the cashless purchasing system available through your cell phone. Look at this logically. The new iPhone iOS now comes with Passbook. It’s a storage system for your boarding passes, tickets, store cards and coupons. Transactions are done electronically and without the need for printed emails or extra room in your wallet for the store cards… it’s awesome!

All around us the future is being formed. We live in a day and age where the ‘next thing’ is happening as fast as we can say it. If companies want to thrive and, dare I say survive, they need to grasp the future and be leaders in it. Let their competition follow and play catch up. We all know that this sort of direction begins at the top. My advice to all my clients is to use what they know from where they’ve come from and learn what is up and coming at the same time. Stay current and learn…. did I say that before? Yes, I think I did… LEARN. The more we learn, keep learning and using what’s being developed  the better off our companies will be and grow.

Need an example? Richard Branson – Virgin – that’s all that needs to be said…..