We B  Different!

We have a very unique service that is a FIRST of it’s kind. Other hosting providers and webDesign companies will claim to offer the same thing but don’t let them fool you – they are NOT PenguinHosting.

Our $175/year, $225/year and $420/year Hosting and Domain packages are an easy, no thought and stress free creation devised to alleviate the accidental deletion of hosting services and domain registration due to missed emails or just simply forgetting. *Once a year – we send out your invoice for BOTH services. Only one invoice to worry about. It’s the same time every year for all our clients – easy for us – easy for you. Then you have 30 days to pay. IF you happen to be late, guess what? We don’t delete your site or let someone else take your domain name… no, we call you. We ensure that you, in fact, do want to stop hosting or let go of your domain.

How does this work? Simply really. You sign up with us whenever you like. We pro-rate your package fee based on the $150 or $400 per year we charge. On April 1st each year (yeah – we think it’s a little funny as well) you receive your new yearly invoice. You pay the ONE invoice and both hosting and domain registration or renewal are covered.

*some minor conditions apply. Mainly that we get the notices about your renewals in order to get them paid and they cannot be top-level domains or domains registered for over $15 per year. Have a top level domain? We can just add the difference… not a big deal. Ask us and we can get this done for you. Don’t worry. You will still keep the rights to the domain name. We have contracts that ensure no one is messing with anyone else.  🙂

Should you wish to change your hosting and/or domain registration services at anytime we simply pro-rate any amount owing and help you transfer. We doubt this will happen but are there to help if needed for any reason. (note that in the event of a hosting and/or domain registrar change, any costs outside our control will become due prior to the switch taking effect. Just common sense we know… but has to be said)

Interested in Hosting with The Image Stop ltd. / PenguinHosting.ca? Let us know what you're looking for and we'll contact you with details, to set up an interview, and an easy/safe way to get things started. 🙂

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Phone: 403-630-3409

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