Green Hosting

What is Green?

Green Hosting is done by utilizing green energy credits based on overall energy consumption that infuse certified green energy back into the power grid. Green energy is energy supplied by wind, solar and water power as opposed to coal, oil and other non-renewable resources.


Penguin Hosting provides Green Hosting to it’s clients through our 100% green partners and the shared or resold services we supply back to our clients.

Our server hosts use an outside energy provider who calculates the total electrical energy consumption from their traditional sources, our provider then purchases “green energy tags” or certificates from a certified green energy supplier. That supplier calculates the total energy consumption of the operation and uses their suppliers of green energy to pump in 100% equivalent energy back into the power grid. This effectively cuts down on the carbon dioxide-producing (CO2) energy that would normally have been produced through the use of non-green energy sources.

Since our supplier began purchasing green energy, they have removed thousands of tonnes of CO2 emissions and other greenhouse gases affecting our environment, comparable to taking thousands of cars off the highway each and every year!

By purchasing the green energy certificates, they have completely offset the amount of greenhouse gas production by their current electricity providers with certified wind and solar-power providers. Through these methods Penguin Hosting is able to provide this green hosting to our clients and through our alliance partners, lessen the overall carbon footprint we contribute to the world around us.


Ours and our suppliers commitment to corporate responsibility and to the environment. Ultimately, we wanted to be and work with the green hosting leader in web hosting. The servers and equipment used for your site hosting  run 24 hours per day and consume a great deal of electricity. Why should we all burden the world just because we require that electricity to power these servers? If electricity is needed for company operations, let’s buy it from clean energy sources and contribute positively to our environment.

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We offer two different pricing packages to better serve our clients. Ask us about our $150 or $400 per year hosting.