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Apple Mail Issues…..

  We have very recently been made aware of some issues that may be affecting  some clients using Apple Mail on desktop computers, laptops, tablets or iPhones. A recent update to Apples mail program may have changed some of your email settings which could...

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WordPress plugin (Jetpack) Vulnerability

  We received the following notice from one of the website security services we subscribe to. We have evaluated and implemented corrective measures to any of our current clients an can assure that all websites under any of our Maintenance Packages have been...

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System updates

  During the week of September 14 - 18, 2015 , we will be updating and upgrading our software and hardware and may not be answering emails as quickly as we usually do. We do not anticipate any issues but delays in some support and services may occur. Thanks...

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Hosting Servers Delay….

   UPDATE: September 8, 2015 - 1:01pm -   All issues have been fixed and all access to websites should now be available without delays. Due to some unexpected server issues, several clients may be experiencing either delays in accessing their websites or...

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Terms of Service Update

We have updated our terms of service. You can find the update on our Terms of Service page and noted below. 5. Domain Name Registration and Ownership. As part of the Company’s Domain and Hosting Package the Company agrees to register and/or renew the domain name which...

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Google+, going…. going….

I think I can speak for many website developers and Social Media content companies.... finally!! It has been officially announced that Google+ will be phased out - disconnected from it's other products. As you can tell, I have never been a fan myself. I found Google+...

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Email Problems? Maybe….

  It's a sad fact of the internet anymore... if you have a website you WILL have your email spoofed or appear to be used for other purposes. There can sometimes be little that can be done in many cases.... so education is the best defense in this case. For...

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Terms of Service – Update!

  We have updated our terms of service as provided by our hosting company - You can find the update on our Terms of Service page and noted below. Update to our section on client fees and unpaid invoicing. • All Client fees are due in...

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Google Mobile – R U ready?

  Google has updated their search engines so that now, when searching on a mobile device, mobile ready websites will now get priority in search results. Google says - "We’re boosting the ranking of mobile-friendly pages on mobile search results. Now...

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WordPress Theme and Plugin Vulnerability Warning!

    Wordpress sites MAY have vulnerability issues that you should be aware of. This is a general 'awareness' posting for all current and potential iS clients concerning a Wordpress vulnerability. The vulnerability is caused by a common code pattern used in...

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Welcome on board – FREE!!

   The Image Stop ltd. is proud to welcome Solve Marketing on board with our 1 a Month GRATiS program! Solve will be working with iS within our program that is aimed at helping new startup companies get off the ground and making themselves a success. Best...

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Website Maintenance – What are the Risks?

  Website Maintenance - money grab or good business? The average website has come a VERY long way since the first one we created in 1999. (yes - that's right near the beginning of the World Wide Web as we know it). A website used to be a basic on-line...

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… Truth or FOOTBALL?

Is it true? Is it true that Penguin Hosting has been chosen as the hosting company for a 'soon to be' local semi-pro football team? Well.... it very well may be  🙂 We're not talking about WHO the team could be or WHERE they may be calling home or WHAT is their...

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Malware ALERT!

Due to a serious vulnerability on the MailPoet WordPress Plugin. Many Wordpress sites have been compromised and possibly infected with very malicious malware. This malware can infect all pages and plugins and break sites. Please ensure you have updated all your...

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How do we Sign Up?

Penguin Hosting does not offer on-line registration for hosting. In fact, if you want to take FULL advantage of our services it's best to simply contact us through our support ticketing system. We'll get back to you within 24 business hours and get things done asap....

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New and Proud!

The very first of many entries to come. 🙂  Actually, we will be using our blog area for updates on service and offerings rather than general chatting. Who knows really but if it helps out clients it'll be here. is a hosting company committed to a...

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General Domain Transfer Steps and Tips

General Domain Transfer Steps and Tips When you are transferring a domain registration from one Registrar to another, there are specific steps you will need to take to prepare your domain. Below are the details to prepare your domain for transfer with your current...

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Speed kills! Yes…. even with design.

  In today's world there seems to be a constant leaning toward getting things done VERY fast and having things done 'yesterday'. You know, the old 'early bird get's the worm' theory. Well, I have a much different angle on this and I think it could help many...

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Let’s talk about…..

  image. That's right  'image'. As a company our tag line is, simply and honestly put - "image is everything." We say it because we honestly believe it. Look at the world around you for a moment or two. We are constantly bombarded by things that, whether...

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Better Search Results… it takes work

  We totally get it. Everyone wants to appear near the top of Googles search results. We all want everyone to find us first and succeed in our businesses. Who wouldn't? The thing is - there is no easy solution. It's not just done by changing content or fine...

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Don’t have a website??

  What?? I am having a very hard time believing an article I just read. It stated that only 46% of small businesses in Canada had a dedicated website! I’m in shock! To me, this is the equivalent of refusing to tell anyone about what you do and expecting...

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