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Email | Local & Server

What to do with your Email - Locally and from/on the ServerDelete and purge your mail using your mail client (Note: Different versions of Outlook may have slightly different steps to follow to get to your settings.) By default, most mail clients are set up to only...

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Privacy Policies…

There Are Changes - Are You Aware/Ready? Yup - you need a website Privacy/Terms of Use Policy on your site and you need it now. In May of this year, Europe introduced the General Data Protection Regulation (G.D.P.R.) which establishes some tighter privacy laws for...

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No Site Maintenance? Ok, but please understand….

   Responsive Sites and Updates...By now you've likely heard about and, hopefully, moving your website to be a responsive website... IF it wasn't created that way already that is. A responsive site is one whose elements adjust and re-arrange depending...

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Woocommerce Status' and What They Mean New to using WooCommerce e-commerce on your Wordpress website? Then this is for you... When taking payments via WooCommerce (e.g. via PayPal), your “Orders” page will show the following status labels: Pending...

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Important – Updates Required

  **PHP 7**Please be aware that most hosting companies (including ours) are beginning to update their hosting servers to PHP 7. This upgrade has been known to cause Wordpress websites that have not been fully updated to crash and not be accessible. We are...

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Setting up a Gmail Email Account

  With Your OWN Domain...When clients purchase their domain and hosting with The Image Stop ltd. /, each has the option of creating free email addresses through their hosting panel, which uses their domain name (for example,...

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Limited Special!

Limited Special Offer$499 Website - HONEST **This one was a great one - Check out our CURRENT Specials HERE**UPDATE: This offer has expired BUT.... contact us and ask us about any new offers we may have. 🙂   Our company believes in helping other companies...

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SSL – July 2018!

It's All About Security and Yes, it Will Cost a Bit.Cost ... time  and/or $ When Google launches Chrome 68 in July it will warn users about HTTP sites - you should seriously think about SSL. If we've met you have likely heard us mention HTTPS and SSL certificates and...

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Looking at Improving your Website?

Looking at Improving your Website?10 13 Tips to Help You be Seen as More Professional.As a website design company with a focus on marketing and brand perception, we often get asked to take a look at websites and see what can be done to help make them ‘more...

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Responsive Sites?

  Responsive Sites and Updates...By now you've likely heard about and, hopefully, moved your website to being a responsive website. A responsive site is one who's elements adjust and re-arrange depending on the size of the screen it is viewed on. Way back in...

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Avoid BEING spam

  Post Date: November 21, 2017 - greg TYour emails MAY be flagged! How to avoid best you can.Ensuring that your email is delivered to the inbox instead of the spam folder can be a big challenge. Let's be honest, spammers are continuing to get smarter and...

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Your site needs Maintenance….

  We do not often bug our clients with notices etc. as the last thing we want is for clients to think we're trying to sell to them. That said, we have sent several client this notice as we have noticed that their website(s) may need some work.......

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SPAM – Is it just ‘normal’ ?

  Some clients get 15-20 a day and say it's 'Too Much!" ... we get 500 plus... hmmm...We really have no idea how much spam is "average" or "normal" but as the vast majority of email is spam, the real question is how much of it gets eliminated on its way to...

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Sites for Browsers…

Web DesignStudyFactsDesigning Websites - Browser Considerations When creating a new website there are many factors that most site visitors would never notice that need to be considered. One, is what the site visitors will be using to view the website. That's right -...

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Above and Beyond?

  The Image Stop prides itself in it's customer care. We regularly go above and beyond the expectations of our clients, doing much more than most design company's. Here is a published list of many things we do and have done for clients.... maybe even...

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Membership – HELP Site… SOON!

  We are getting VERY close to launching our new Membership based website that is being made as a valuable assistance and Help resource for our clients. All our current and new clients to come will receive 6 months free membership. This site will contain an...

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Courier to Dovecot Maintenance

  In preparation for cPanel upgrades, we will be converting all shared servers from Courier IMAP to Dovecot. This is a required change since Courier is no longer supported by cPanel. The conversion process may result in POP/IMAP being down for a few minutes...

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How to subscribe to specific IMAP folders in Outlook 2010

  If you are using IMAP to connect to your email account you may only see your inbox folder and no other folders you may have set up in another mail application or webmail. An IMAP folder list can be downloaded to your Outlook 2010 email client so you can...

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Email Maintenance – Best Practices

As we have all likely experienced, email accounts can quickly grow, overflow and become unmanageable, even for the most organized person. Searching for an email you received years ago from the depths of your inbox can be laborious at best and you may begin noticing...

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550 SPAM error message – flagging YOUR email?

  Why am I getting this error? To help in the global battle of ever-increasing SPAM, hosting company’s have implemented spam detection procedures on all emails prior to leaving their email servers. Each email is evaluated and rated according to spam rules to...

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Malware…. Viruses….. Let’s help.

  Yikes!! Over the last month or two we have seen a HUGE increase in website hack attempts, website virus and malware infections. This can be not only frustrating for site owners but cause huge problems if their sites are infected / hacked. The question...

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